Pelada Soccer Coaching Philosophy



The Pelada Soccer Coaching Philosophy is guided by a simple principle:

To make players better!

How we do it is where our approach sets us apart... Look around and you can find any number of coaches with soccer-technical expertise. There are just as many coaches out there with expertise in the athletic performance field. But practicing with the ball is one thing, and running through agility ladders is another. How do they fit together?

Pelada Soccer Coaching bridges the gap between athletic performance and soccer training.


The coaches at Pelada Soccer Coaching are experts in both Soccer and Athletic Perfomance! Our curriculum is tried and tested.

No gimmicks, no flavor of the month, just tried and tested methods. Grounded in sports science with proven results.

We're not just enhancing speed. We're enhancing Game Speed.

We start with teaching proper biomechanics.


This foundation sets the stage for explosive athletic movements and is a crucial tool in injury prevention.​

Next, we progress through a series of exercises geared towards enhancing soccer-specific explosiveness.


This builds stability and coordination -> strength -> power -> speed 

Then we add a ball.


Now we show you how to translate the proper biomechanics into explosive movements with a ball at your feet.​

Finally we play! Teaching decision making and awareness.


We take our enhanced technical ability, add in the tactical element, and perform in a game!